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Frequently asked questions

Question: Under what name your company had carried out the activity before rebranding?


Answer: Our company had carried out the activity under the name "Printing Supplies".  Then having made rebranding in 2014 and continues the activity under new name of "Allprint" now.


Question: How many years the company works in the sphere of polygraphy and advertising?


Answer: The Allprint company (early as "Printing Supplies") in the market of the press and promotional production since 2004. At the moment the new printing equipment allows to perform the works connected with the press in the shortest possible time. The company has office and workshop to different addresses.


Question: What is the online order?


Answer: Online order is a virtual bridge between the client and the manufacturer. This system allows the client to do the order without leaving his place. The online order is carried out on the basis of inquiry to order after registration on the site. When your order has been uploaded to a site in a format (PDF, CDR, AI, TIFF, PSD, INDD), you will be provided with full information.


Question: Is whether the level of efficiency of your employees high?


Answer: Our company has experienced and creative employees who perform any form of order and will help you achieve your wishes. The model and design can be provided according to wishes and requirements of the customer.


Question: What concrete products you make?


Answer: All products which are settling down in category about products on our site at us are made, and also services of the press are provided before and after.


Question: What is the average duration of the operational print?


Answer: Efficiency of the press depends on complexity of the order. Therefore manufacturing products takes on time from an hour to several days.